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  • Competitors enter at their own risk.

  • Nth Degree Dance Competition accepts NO responsibility for an accident or injury to any persons associated with the event, either as a Competitor, Volunteer, or a member of the General Public, at any time.

  • Nth Degree Dance Competition can overrule any of the below rules at any time and will decide on any issue not covered below with that decision being final.

  • This is a family event and all costuming, music and choreography must reflect that.

  • Nth Degree is for amateurs only (19/u and non professional dancers).

  • No coaching from the wings or audience at any time except by the judge.

  • No competitor Junior or older can re-attempt a routine.

  • We will not distribute any information of our entrants.

  • Nth Degree Dance Competition reserves the right to change competition days and locations due to unforeseen circumstances and entries will not be refunded.

  • In the unlikely event the event is cancelled for any reason, you will be refunded everything but the Comps Online admin fee ($4.50).

  • The use of photos/videos for marketing purposes is granted to Nth Degree Dance Competition upon paid entry.

  • Entries will close when competition is FULL, so please enter and pay ASAP to secure your spot.

  • Entries can only be made via CompsOnline.

  • Sections with 3 entrants or less may be combined with similar styles, categories or age divisions.

  • Protests, accompanied by a $30 fee, must be lodged in writing, detailing fully the circumstances of the protest with the canteen staff within 30 minutes of the judges decision.

  • Nth Degree reserves the right to amend the program at any time.


  • Judge’s decision is final.

  • No one is to approach or speak to the judge or judge’s assistant at any time.

  • The Judge will be notified of any changes to sections, age groups or standards.

  • If the judge is unable to perform their duties, Nth Degree Dance Competition reserves the right to appoint a replacement without notice.

  • Any competitor who has been taught by the judge within twelve months of the competition will not be eligible to compete, or be disqualified.


Age cut off for all competitors is January 1, 2024


Age Divisions SOLOS:

  • Petite: 5/u

  • Mini: 6-7

  • Junior: 8-10

  • Pre teen: 11-12

  • Teen: 13-15

  • Senior- 16-19

Age Divisions TROUPES:

  • Petite: 6/u

  • Mini: 8/U

  • Junior: 10/U

  • Pre teen: 12/U

  • Teen: 14/U

  • Senior- Open

Proof of age must be available for all competitors. 


  • Emerging:  Emerging sections are for competitors who have never won a 1st prize in that genre/ style at any age at any competition, Festival or Eisteddfod up to the closing date of the entries. 

  • Elite: Elite sections are for competitors who have won first prize in that genre/style in any age group at any competition up to the closing date of the entries. Any competitor may compete in the Elite category regardless of their winning history if they wish.



  • Classical Ballet 

  • Demi Character 

  • Contemporary

  • Jazz 

  • Broadway Jazz - Should contain jazz technique to a cabaret style song  or a live presentation from a stage or film musical.

  • Lyrical

  • Tap - Any style or tempo of tap

  • Song & Dance 

  • Hip Hop 

  • Improvisations- Judged only on choreographic choices and not technical ability


Time Limits:

  • Solos - 3 minutes maximum

  • Duos/Trios - 3 minutes maximum

  • Song and dance - 3.5 minutes maximum

  • Troupes- 4 minutes maximum

Any entry that goes over the time limit by more than our 10 second grace period will have 1 point deducted. After 20 seconds over the limit listed above, the track will be faded out. This keeps the comp running to schedule and keeps it fair for all competitors.


  • All music, lyrics, costuming and choreography MUST be age appropriate. 

  • No backing vocals are permitted in the “song” component of Song and Dance + Song and Tap or in Classical or Demi Characters.

  • We accept Online Entries ONLY and music to be uploaded to Music Uploads

  • Time limits are the maximum allowed and are counted from the track (or the moment the performance starts and/ or ends if before/after track).

  • It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to understand and adhere to copyright requirements. Nth Degree Dance Competition will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright, royalty or privacy laws by individual performers or persons associated with the performance.

  • Make sure you bring a backup of all music on USB or Phone.


  • Props are permitted; however, it is the competitors responsibility to set and strike them.

  • Nth  Degree does not take any responsibility for any injuries as a result of prop use and encourages the safe use of props at all times in handling and performance.

  • The striking of props must happen immediately after the competitor has left the stage.

  • Any props left behind at the conclusion of the competition will unfortunately be disposed of.


8.1 General Sections ( SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS AND TROUPES)

Placings will be as follows and will be awarded certificates:

  • 1-3 competitors- 1st

  • 4 competitors - 1st, 2nd

  • 5-11 competitors - 1st, 2nd + 3rd

  • 12-15 competitors - 1st- 5th

  • 16-20+ competitors - 1st-6th

Highly commended certificate will be awarded at the discretion of the judge


8.2 Overall High Scores ( SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS AND TROUPES)

In each age division and category, the top 10 highest scoring routines will be announced. A competitor can only appear in the top 10 once with their highest scoring routine. 

Prize money for

SOLOS Petite, Mini and Junior age divisions:

  • 1st - $75

  • 2nd - $50

  • 3rd- $25

SOLOS Pre-teen, Teen and Senior age divisions:

  • 1st - $100

  • 2nd - $60

  • 3rd- $30

TROUPES Petite, Mini and Junior age divisions:

  • 1st- $150

  • 2nd- $100

  • 3rd- $50

TROUPES Pre-Teen, Teen and Senior age divisions:

  • 1st- $200

  • 2nd- $150

  • 3rd- $100

8.3 Scholarships (SOLOS)

Dancers perform one solo of their choosing that cannot be repeated from any other section. 

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must enter and compete in at least one elite section.

  • Petite+ Mini - Scholarship to the value of at least $450

  • Junior+ Pre-Teen - Scholarship to the value of at least $500

  • Teen + Senior- Scholarship to the value of at least $500


  • Nth Degree will select six sections across each event that will attract a $20 cash prize for the competitor who takes out 1st place. 



  • Costume Award

  • Choreography Award

At the judges discretion 


  • All competitors must check in side stage before the commencement of their section.

  • All competitors must display the highest level of theatre etiquette and sportsmanship.

  • All competitors must always follow the direction of backstage crew.


  • Improvisation attire must be form fitting ( hip hop is an exception) 

  • All costumes must be appropriate for children


  • Audio critiques will be uploaded to your Music Uploads account.


  • No changing outside of the allocated dressing rooms.

  • Please keep all dressing rooms super tidy at all times. Any messy changing rooms will result in a cleaning fee (payable by the competitors who shared the dressing room) up to $200.

  • Any competitor found to have caused damage to the dressing room will be charged the repair costs. If any existing damage is found in the dressing room or venue at all, please notify Nth Degree Dance Competition asap.






Competitor Pass








Refunds can ONLY be given in the unlikely event the event is cancelled. You will be refunded all entry fees except the Comps Online admin fee ($4.50).


  • Entries will close when we reach capacity, so please enter and pay asap to avoid missing out on all the Nth Degree fun! We cannot accept entries until they have been paid for.

  • Entries can only be made via CompsOnline.

  • Any false or misleading information provided to Nth Degree will result in disqualification, upon investigation.

  • In the case of a dispute arising in regards to the age of any competitor and their eligibility to compete in any age division, Nth Degree reserves the right to see documentation that formally proves age of the competitor (birth certificate, drivers licence, passport ect).

  • Dancer registration is compulsory for every competitor.

  • By submitting and paying for entry, you will have agreed to all terms and conditions made by Nth Degree Dance Competition.

  • It is the responsibility of the competitor/parent/guardian that all entries have been submitted correctly and honestly.


  • Nth Degree reserve the right to refuse entry to any person.

  • Mobile phones must be on silent when entering the auditorium.

  • In the unlikely event the audience reaches full capacity, dancers may be asked to vacate their seat.

  • SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS- Audience and competitor admission is included in dancer registration fee (no tickets).

  • TROUPES- Session Ticket $15, Day Ticket $40


  • Photography and Videography are prohibited inside the theatre and dressing rooms.

  • Anyone found to be recording or photographing a competitor will result in disqualification of the relevant competitor or immediate removal from the theatre.

  • Professional photography and Videography services will be available for your purchase.

  • By submitting and paying for entry, you will have agreed that the competitor will be recorded and photographed.

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